Bachman Trainers offers two simulators that reenact a comprehensive list of real world problems.

Each model is based on 230V with one strip heat package. Using a voltmeter only, the student troubleshoots the electrical problem or problems simulated by the simple push of a button or buttons in the back of the trainer.

The A/C Electric Heat Model

(M# BT1230 ACEH)

The Heat Pump/Electric Heat Model

(M# BT1230 HPEH)

  1. R Line Break
  2. W Line Break
  3. Y line Break
  4. G Line Break
  5. Open T-Stat R
  6. Open T-Stat W
  7. Open T-Stat Y
  8. Open T-Stat G
  9. Shorted R to G
  10. Shorted R to W
  11. Shorted R to Y
  12. Open H.S. Contactor Coil
  13. Open Comp. Contactor Coil
  14. Open Fan Relay Coil
  15. Stuck H.S. Contactor
  16. Stuck Comp. Contactor
  17. Stuck Fan Relay
  18. Open H.L. #1
  19. Open H.L. #2
  20. Open Heat Strip
  21. Open I.D. Motor
  22. Open Comp.
  23. Open O.D. Motor
  24. Blown Fuse
  1. R Line Break
  2. W-2 Line Break
  3. Y line Break
  4. G line Break
  5. O line Break
  6. Shorted R to G
  7. Shorted R to W-2
  8. Shorted R to Y
  9. Shorted R to O
  10. Open H.S. Contactor Coil
  11. Open Comp. Contactor Coil
  12. Open Fan Relay Coil
  13. Open Rev. Valve Coil
  14. Stuck H.S. Contactor
  15. Stuck Comp. Contactor
  16. Stuck Fan Relay
  17. Stuck O.D.M. Contacts
  18. Defrost Short Cycle
  19. Defrost T-Stat Open
  20. Open O.D. Motor
  21. Open H.L. #1
  22. Open H.L. #2
  23. Open Heat Strip
  24. Blown Fuse